Loyalty Business Management System

    Increasing competition in all industries has led to loyalty programs becoming increasingly significant. LBMS is a unique IT Platform for management of a successful loyalty program. It contains all modules required for a next generation loyalty program and brings long-term profitability to an organization.

    • Program Management

      Our aim is to create a customer centric program that works.  An end-to-end stored value solution is used to take care of all aspects of program management including product strategy, design, planning, processing and card management. Sophisticated and collaborative, our SaaS platform also enables our clients to manage and customize their entire program in real-time over the web.

    • Accrual Engine

      Equipped with multiple accrual modes and the ability to add any accrual type, our accrual engine provides differentiation at product level, spend level, partner level, MCC level and campaign and tactical level. Each accrual type has dedicated data structures for their logic and centrally dictated business rules.

    • Redemption Engine

      Our redemption suite easily models sophisticated program rules, conditions and offers, customized to your business needs. Your customers can choose to redeem from over 900 airlines, over 450,000 hotels and over 150,000 car rentals, instantly and globally. Its integration with the payment gateway supports buying of the loyalty currency to enable partial payments through rewards.

    • Membership Tier Management

      Optimally manage memberships across all loyalty levels with software that supports flexible membership models and enables robust point and tier management across multiple channels.

      • Create flexible membership models for individual and corporate memberships
      • Track member tier history with manual or automated tier transitions
      • Monitor member participation in a single view
      • Track point balances, including earnings, redemptions, expirations, and transfers
    • Customer Service

      From contact management to touch point management using a ticket lifecycle service, we ensure that you and your customers receive the necessary guidance for your concerns within a set time frame.

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    • Analytics Suite

      Our analytics tools range from marketing and customer analytics to supply chain analytics. We help you define the problem and then come to a logical conclusion gathered from internal and external data. We also provide an erudite CRM solution that ensures the customer data, the history of transactions and even the full correspondence is collected and stored in a structured way on a central database.

    • Reporting Suite

      Be it analytical or ad-hoc, our suite provides you with multiple reports ranging from demographic-based member reporting, statistical reporting on accruals and redemptions, to liability reporting. Create reports on the fly using program specific member data warehouses and publish them on a dedicated reporting portal.

    • Accounting Suite

      Generate expenses, revenue or profit and loss statements to keep track of the performance of your investments. With the ability to assign margins per redemption item, payment on issuance and redemption options or flexible treatment of fees, our suite simplifies the handling of your costs and revenues.

    • Communication Engine

      Good communication is key to promptly reach and satisfy your customers. Our communication engine offers numerous features including alerts, campaigns and marketing messages, tracking of responses, SMS, E-mail and post services, monthly rewards summary, and ability to set issuance modes and rules amongst others.

    • Campaign Engine

      Design, personalize, schedule and send bulk e-mails, segment subscriber lists, test it before sending and track your campaign's success through our CampaignBay platform. Fast, simple, and inexpensive, this web-based application enables the management of e-mail based marketing, sales and promotional campaigns and the resulting camping ROI. Expert advisory ensures that you reach your audience effectively, and helps use e-mail marketing as a powerful CRM tool.

    • Voucher and Gift Card Management

      From white label, open-loop and close-loop programs to gift card kiosks, we provide solutions to meet your prepaid needs. We capture valuable data on customer spending patterns and other demographics to enable you to expand your brand awareness.

    • Merchant Acquisition Platform

      Our experienced partnership team thrives to connect new partners to our clients on a daily basis. We already work closely with over 1,000 partners to provide our clients with an infinite choice of merchants to be associated with.

    • Points Payment Gateway

      Points Payment Gateway allows customers to use accumulated points/miles to pay for selected transactions. It also provides the ability to buy additional points to meet payment requirements.

    • White Label Program Partner Website

      Clients can use our platforms under their own skin. Using your own brands, products or images, we customize the website to what you think will satisfy your customers.

    • POS Network for Instant Points Redemption

      Giift has highly scalable and robust multi-institution and multi-time zone routing and authorization EFT Switch to drive transactions through channels like ATM, POS, MPOS, Mobile, IVR and Internet.

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    • E-Marketplace Development

      This combination of both a B2B and a B2C platform enables consumers to become merchants and set up their own shops with their own products, categories, images, specifications among other features. We believe this is the perfect portal for SMEs to expand their clientele base and sell products and services online.

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