Cards and Payments Solutions

    Integrating rewarding modules into a customer’s spending behavior builds customer stickiness and brand value.

    • Credit Card

      Loyalty programs can be customized for credit cards basis the customer segment profile and related spend pattern. Program members can earn reward points as per a defined value system. Customer experience can be scaled with multiple options in redemption from among the best in travel, shopping, dining and gift cards across the globe.
    • Debit Card

      Loyalty programs can echo the value quotient of your debit card products by emphasizing the rewarding returns on spends. Customers can earn reward points basis spends. These points can be used for a plethora of global redemption options to drive high customer interest through value generation.
    • Virtual Card

      The virtual card optimizes the redemption experience. One’s reward points can be loaded into the virtual card and will be valued basis the exchange rate. With all points settled into one card, the card then can be used to redeem across the partnered brands across the globe. It eliminates the need to hold separate gift cards.

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