• POS Network

    Redeem your reward points instantly at a merchant partner under the global POS Network. Giift plans to develop its loyalty system outreach globally – allowing customers to redeem rewards internationally, rather than just within their own country.  Giift is laying down a POS Network to support instant redemption across thousands of merchants in the MENA & ASEAN regions, and support the loyalty program redemption platforms for Giift.
  • BillPay

    Staying true to our core mission of 'Delivering Value That Rewards', Giift has pioneered BillPay, an ingenious system allowing clients to pay their utility bills by using their reward points or miles. BillPay covers mobile bills, electricity and water bills, police fines, tolls and metro top-up, government taxes, mobile top-up and insurance bills.
  • Insurances

    Security and peace of mind are an important value for any family household. With our infinite Insurance options, we make creating a stable future easy and cost-effective.
  • Investments

    Doubling up investments and returns is the reward we promise and deliver. With Investments, one can redeem points and save on investment products like gold, silver, SIPs, mutual funds, bullion and many others.

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