Gift Card

This marketplace sketched on the plug and play module re-addresses the gift card redemption experience with ease of converting reward points for gift cards by merchants and brands across the globe. Flexibility to redeem either online or offline and the scale of choices opens a new dimension to loyalty programs.

  • Gift Vouchers

    Our instant, online redemption process turns your points into a voucher from Giift’s merchant partners in under two minutes. Quick and instant: Gift Voucher is the perfect solution for consumers on-the-go in a fast paced, mobilized world.
  • Global Gift Card

    A global gift card allows one to redeem reward points for gift cards of leading brands from any part of the world, across multiple categories and geographies. The flexibility it presents to pre-plan a free shopping experience or present a valued gift card to a dear one, be it in one’s own country or abroad in unmatched. Not only is it a hassle-free mode of payment but it opens the opportunity to shop global brands for free!

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