• Sports

    Sports is a unique online platform where sports fans can buy tickets, VIP boxes, hospitality packages and sports memorabilia of their favorite sports clubs using their loyalty points. Sports provides a wide choice of sports, covering Football, Formula One, Dubai World Cup, Tennis and Golf.
  • Celebs

    Celebs is a one-of-a-kind marketplace where face-to-face celebrity experiences can be redeemed by customers using their accumulated points or miles. Clients can choose from meeting their favourite celebrities as well as purchasing online an array of digital products, such as ringtones, memorabilia and autographs. 
  • Experiences

    We believe that meaningful experiences provide personal fulfillment. Experiences is a platform that enables the customer to create extraordinary experiences that they can share with the people who matter the most. We want to be your destination for truly amazing and memorable experiences that last a lifetime. Browse an extensive list of experiences ready to redeem in just a click, covering family fun, relaxation, adventure and the best of tourist spots of the region.

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