Power of digital grows in the GTR market Published-Nov 11, 2016
The role of social media in travel retail sales is rocketing with 59% of shoppers in the ‘millennial’ generation saying they have bought something they saw promoted on sites like Twitter or Facebook.
The way shoppers interact with brands and choose their purchases is changing as members of the ‘millennial’ generation – anyone born between 1981 and 1997 – become more of a power in the GTR market.   This new generation of travellers is proving to be the most digitally connected ever, according to a new study by customer loyalty experts Collinson Latitude, which also showed the power of digital in travel retail is growing.
The new study, titled Loyalty Commerce in a Digital Age, shows that 85% of people now like interacting with their favourite brands online, 79% believe technology has made life easier and 71% prefer brands which embrace digital and technological advances.
The study also showed brand loyalty programmes benefit from added extras such as lounge access or priority boarding.
Recently Dubai International Airport has introduced a new digital system to help passengers navigate around the airport and shopping areas.  Ease of movement creates more time for shopping and ‘intelligent trolleys’, which allow retailers to ‘push’ their message to consumers in the airport, could be the next development.  For more on this see our Industry Innovators column in the November issue of Frontier, available here.
Collinson Latitude’s e-commerce director, James Berry, said: “These results [of this study] tell us that members crave choice and a more connected world. A world where you can engage with your loyalty programme in multiple ways, be it online, or in-store, and with a range of rewards that really engages and entices your member in. Loyalty programmes no longer operate in silo, they’re part of a wider ecosystem of touchpoints between member and brand.”
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