Loyalty program members crave choice, engagement Published-Nov 26, 2016
Over eight in ten (85%) of members prefer interacting with their favorite loyalty program online, according to a new e-book published by Collinson Latitude.
When quizzed on what is the most important aspect of a loyalty program, 63% pointed to having a wide range of rewards and offers. 60% of respondents also said that the ability to earn and redeem points both online and in-store is important or very important to them.
The online survey polled a total of 2,500 consumers in the US, the UK, Singapore and the UAE in September 2016. The respondents had to be members of at least one of the following loyalty programs from an airline, hotel or retail banking/credit card.
Key trends for digital loyalty
The report pointed to some key trends in the digital loyalty commerce landscape, pointing out that the ability to earn points on everyday spending matters. Specifically, 46% of respondents said they like this feature about their airline loyalty program, while 47% and 52% were saying the same about their hotel and retail banking programs respectively.
Brands should consider offering non-core inventory to maximize program value and engagement too, leveraging that to appeal to personal tastes and preferences. To support this assertion, the study pointed to how a majority (64%) of respondents said that after they redeemed points or miles on non-core inventory rewards, that they then went on to buy core inventory products or services with the same brand.
Finally, brands should also take the opportunity to bolster their social engagement, going by how a significant proportion of respondents in some sectors have followed a loyalty program on social media.
This important as millennials represent the most connected generation globally, with nearly six in ten (59%) indicating that they have purchased something they saw advertised on social media.
Digital opportunities
“These results tell us that members crave choice and a more connected world,” said James Berry, e-commerce director at Collison Latitude. “A world where you can engage with your loyalty program in multiple ways, be it online, or in-store, and with a range of rewards that really engages and entices your member in.”
“By offering a wide range of relevant and attainable rewards and earning promotions, multiple engagement points and improving their presence on digital channels such as social media, loyalty programs can form a long-lasting relationship with members which drives greater engagement and value for their program,” said Berry.
Ultimately, it is evident that digital technology gives brands more freedom and opportunity than before, and brands will do well to adapt their loyalty programs to maximize member engagement.
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