Al Hilal Bank


To create consumer experiences which exemplify that the Bank’s endeavors support growth for its customers.


Al Hilal Bank, an Islamic Bank, is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Since opening its first branch in 2008, the Bank has developed a wide product portfolio to offer personal and investment banking solutions, apart from others. The Bank’s endeavors are deep rooted in the principles of disciple, good action and a progressive outlook. Its values and philosophy have grounded the Bank’s lead position in the financial sector in the region.


Joud Rewards Loyalty Program was launched in March 2016. It engages with the Bank’s credit card customer base.
  • A dedicated website for the program customers – https://joud.alhilalbank.ae
  • Applicability: domestic and international retail spends 
  • Embraces the wide base of Al Hilal Credit Card Customers
  • Redemption options enhance customers’ lifestyles - with travel, online store, utility, charity


Joud Rewards was launched in Q1 and encouraged endorsing the Bank’s commitment to its customers. Although a new program, Joud Rewards generated high consumer interaction; the results of customer acceptance is expected shortly.

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