Sampath Bank


To position Sampath Bank Credit Card as a preferred payment choice; executed with two distinct programs. Each of the two programs incorporated a unique design of points earning and redemptions.


Sampath Bank is distinguished as one of the leading banks in Sri Lanka. It was set up as a Public Limited Liability Company, in Sri Lanka in 1986. The Bank offers focused solutions in personal and corporate banking, and has integrated its portfolio to align with electronic banking functionalities. The Bank’s success stories have been written in expansions of branches, increased consumer base as well as industry recognitions. Sampath Bank is listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange.


Ultra Rewards                               Ultramiles


Ultra Rewards
  • Increase in Sampath Bank Credit Cards being the chosen global traveler’s companion
  • Inspired confidence in repeated card usage   
  • Dedicated focus on travel redemptions established the Bank's credit card offerings as the preferred choice for its customers
  • Encouraged additional usage of Sampath Bank Credit Cards

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