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Loyalty Business Management System

Increasing competition in all industries has led to loyalty programs becoming increasingly significant. LBMS is a unique IT Platform for management of a successful loyalty program. It contains all modules required for a next generation loyalty program and brings long-term profitability to an organization.

Our Platforms Know What Clients Want

Our best-in-class, innovative platforms allow clients to create unique and engaging consumer experiences online. Come discover the secrets of how Giift works better with your customers and can improve brand satisfaction.

Loyalty Program Management

We help you customize your offering into a privileged niche product that consumers will feel proud to be a part of. Our experienced value propositions, accrual and redemption engines, analytics suite, campaign management and understanding of the industry remain our differentiating value proposition.

Our endearing relationships are our inspiration

Giift delivers world-class loyalty solutions to diverse clients in over 55 countries around the globe.

Increase Loyalty and grow engagement with our platforms

Business Partners

We have partnered with leading organizations in the payments and technology space - leaders within their own fields, to stimulate our rapid growth. Our partnerships support us in expanding and penetrating potential markets across the globe. In addition to business development, these partnerships provide ground-level customer support to Giift clients and also manage our merchant network in their respective markets.

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